I was seated behind this lady at a social gathering the other day and I wished I was as courageous as she was. Why? Her legs. I noticed that she had “toned” legs like I have. I was of the opinion that my legs were not feminine until I discovered another name for female legs that were rather masculine . . . That’s right, the word is toned.

Back to the courage thing. Not only were her legs as toned as mine, they were also very hairy. The type of hair that stands naturally. Now imagine those kind of legs . . . in high heels. You get the picture, right? Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with that as long as she is happy with her toned hairy legs, after all its different strokes for different folks. But I on the other hand, love to look as feminine as possible. It therefore follows that I prefer to be the lady with the hairless, smooth legs ‘Jacob(ita)’ rather than ‘Esau(lita)’ because in my opinion, Jacobita is more feminine than Esaulita.

And when I go from Esaulita to Jacobita, I apply my moisturizer mixed with some foundation on my toned legs when the occasion arises 😉



Which lady would you rather be, Esaulita or Jacobita?


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  1. I have big legs and always cover up until recently when I gave it up.I proudly flaunt my well moisturized legs abeg we can’t all have slim or feminine legs

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