Yes, its okay to say no when certain requests are made of you by others. Just say it. No! Wasn’t so hard now. Or was it? And that’s it. No reasons, no explanations. Except when necessary. When is it necessary to give reasons for saying no? When not giving a reason will undermine the strength of a relationship you place great value on. Now, why should you say no? Lets gist 😉

When you have goals you want to achieve, like I discussed here, you cannot afford to be a yes person. Should you go out of your way to help others? Yes you should. If not out of the goodness of your heart, then the fact that you require other people’s help in order to achieve your goals should be a motivating factor for you to help others.

However, when saying yes to a request is detrimental to the fundamental roles and functions you need to play and perform, in order to achieve your own goals as a result of the unavailability of time and resources, you should say no. Especially when that request is frivolous! If you don’t say no to such requests, you may end up being spread thin. In other words, you are everywhere but not really making a strong impact anywhere. The sad part of this state is that it is all at the expense of your set goals!


Hmmm. Know what’s on my mind? I really do need to work on my “Just Say No” skills. Easier said than done but quite doable. Or don’t you agree?


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