Time for everything. To fast or to eat. To react or to ignore. To take action or to wait. To work or to play. To laugh or to cry. To be alone or to be with people. To speak or to be silent.

Speaking of silence, the ability to stay silent especially when you are bubbling with a lot of things to say, things which would definitely cause more harm than good, or things which would keep you from hearing that relevant thing you need to hear that would be of great benefit to you, is one of the treasures of life when it comes to relationships.



IMG_20151209_085556                     IMG_20151209_094509



The tricky part is knowing when to be silent both with your maker and others. At this point in your life, what time is it? Is it a time to wait and listen? Hear what your maker has to say to you? Hmm. And when He speaks to you what would you do? Will you work with what He has said?



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What time is it in your life? I ask because I hear your silence . . .



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