Yes, obeying the instructions given to you by God is always better than sacrifice. Obedience does not mean obeying when you feel like it or when it is convenient for you. It means taking or not taking action, immediately in order to comply with that God given instruction.

I know we have a great good God who is full of favour, mercy and love. He is also a God of endless opportunities. However, there are times when it is necessary to obey His instructions instantly in order to avoid the unpleasant situations and circumstances the act of disobedience can bring. Sometimes, that act of disobedience can bring about the loss of life of that individual who chooses not to obey or the loss of life or lives of his or her loved one(s).

So, on a lighter note, here I was on a Sunday, thanking God for the act of obedience of one man, whose obedience to the instruction of God, resulted in the avoidance of unpleasant circumstances. But most importantly, his act of obedience pointed people to the God he serves. And who is that God? THE I AM THAT I AM . . .





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