Got some grapefruits the other day. I have heard in the past that grapefruits help one get and maintain a flat belly. Apart from that, I knew nothing else about grapefruits so I went online to learn more about them. and I learnt 🙂

I learnt that grapefruits are high in vitamin C. In fact, so high that when you consume half of one grapefruit, you have gotten at least 75% of the daily requirement of vitamin C in your diet. I also learnt that it helps you shed excess water weight that can bloat the belly and when half of one grapefruit is consumed before every meal without additional dieting for a period of time, it will result in significant weight loss and flat belly.

On the other hand, I learnt that grapefruits make some prescription drugs more potent which can be good. Or bad when it results in serious side effects. So to be on the safe side, it is best to avoid grapefruits when one is on any prescription drug, except on your doctor’s instruction.

Well, since I need to shed some inches around my waist, I decided to give grapefruit a trial. Eating most fruits set my teeth on edge so the juice was my best option. Since I have got a sweet tooth, I added one tablespoon of honey to the juice extracted from one grapefruit (in order to counter its bitter sweet taste) and drank it in the morning before breakfast.

The effect? I observed that my belly was noticeably smaller the next morning and I actually felt lighter.


IMG_20151114_074930                                                                   IMG_20151114_065305



IMG_20151114_064646                                                                  IMG_20151114_063953


Like I always say, I am not a medical personnel, so please do not take any action based on what you read here without consulting your doctor first. Stay healthy!


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