In my opinion, a trendy/ fashionable woman has got four faces. Hmm? Hold your horses, I will explain.

The first face is her ‘natural’ face. The second face is her ‘presentable’ face. The third face is her ‘looking good’ face and the fourth face is her ‘wow’ face.


IMG_20151104_224630                                                   IMG_20151104_224630



However, not all women make use of their four faces. Some make use of just the natural face. A higher number are content to make use of the natural and the presentable faces. Others make use of  the natural, presentable and the ‘looking good’ faces while a fewer number of women make use of the four faces. Or is that right?

Well, whatever number of faces any woman decides to make use of, it’s her prerogative to do so. But it is important for her to take into consideration the social circles that she chooses to reveal each face to and the consequences the revelation of that face may have. What am I saying? Since we live in an era where most people are moved by the outward appearance of other people, it is vital that everyone who matters to you in one way or another is conversant with all the faces you make use of, especially the natural face, so that no one is put in the awkward position of having to reverse a life changing decision when it matters the most. I hope you catch my drift?  😉



2015-11-05-08-28-32-195                                         2015-11-05-08-28-32-195



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