Most ladies like to wear earrings and so do I. Before now, I have always bought my earrings just because I like them. That is the reason one should buy earrings right? But I just realized that it should not be the primary consideration when buying earrings and I wish someone had told me this earlier. Anyway, here are a few things to consider when buying earrings.



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First: Be sure your skin is not allergic to the metal (silver, steel, gold, etc. But who is allergic to gold or platinum?) used in the making of those earrings.

Second: The weight of the earrings. Are they heavy or light? The consistent wearing of heavy earrings has the effect of widening the holes in the earlobes and eventually dividing them. My take on this? Avoid heavy earrings, regardless of how beautiful they are or their size. Some small earrings are heavy while some big earrings are light in weight. So size is not a weight determinant when handling earrings.

Third: Do they suit your face? Try them on to see how well they suit your face before you buy them. The fact that you like the beauty of an earring does not mean that it will suit your face.

Since different earrings go with different outfits, it is not out of place to enhance your personal style with the individuality of your earrings.


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Are there other things to consider when buying earrings? Please share with me 🙂



  1. Women with round faces can aim to elongate their faces and minimize a puffy appearance by choosing teardrop and dangle earrings . Look for those pieces that have long, angular designs as opposed to rounded designs. Most women with round faces should avoid dangling circular discs as these can make the face look wider. It is almost always best for women with round faces to choose earrings of a thin to medium width.

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