Except in formal settings, it is almost impossible to be in the company of another girl and not talk about makeup, jewelry, fashion, hair and relationships. Did I leave anything out? 🙂 And when I say makeup, I mean our spiritual well being as children of God, as well as the cosmetics we use in the enhancement of the way we appear physically.

So when T. and I got together earlier in the week, we got “gisting” (applying makeup on each other’s faces). And because we were outdoors while we were “gisting”, we kept getting questions like what is going on? Are you going for a party? Where are you going?

Well, my response to those questions was ‘We are just gisting’. That’s because we gist that way!



IMG_20151021_164649_1                                                    IMG_20151021_164649_1




IMG_20151021_163851_1                                                    IMG_20151021_163749_1




IMG_20151021_164825_1                                                    IMG_20151021_164753_1




IMG_20151021_142906_1                                                     IMG_20151021_142906_1




IMG_20151021_164911_1                                                      IMG_20151021_165021_1






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