Its hot. With the weather temperature at about 32 °C during the day (Lagos, Nigeria) it is not a bad idea to be comfortable with the ‘coverage’ on your face. Especially on those active days spent outdoors under the harsh glare of the sun.

First, make sure your skin is at its best. You can get tips on how to get great facial skin here.

Second, wear your SPF. Protect your skin from the sun. Not talking about the UVB rays of the sun necessary for vitamn D in the body but the harmful UVA rays which facilitate the aging process and can cause skin cancer. So you need to rub into your skin an SPF moisturizer that is suitable for your skin. Personally, my skin reacts to moisturizers with SPF by breaking out. Perhaps I have not found the right brand yet. For me on such days, my fedora becomes the sun protective factor for my face.


IMG_20151128_134113                           IMG_20151128_133453


Now if you’ve got blemish free skin and you do not want anything heavy on your skin because of the hot weather, apply a lightweight moisturizer with SPF. Next, use an oil mattifier if you have oily skin. If you don’t have oily skin, skip the mattifier and apply the powder. Make sure the face is evenly covered with powder especially the corners of your nose, the visible parts of your nostrils, under the eye area, eyelids, inner corners of the eyes, outer corners of the eyes, corners of the lips and around the lip lines. Use a concealer brush to apply powder to the above mentioned areas for better reach and powder coverage. Don’t forget to use a powder brush to smoothen the powder applied all over the face or else, you will notice the uneven patches of powder left behind by the concealer brush.

Got blemishes that need to be covered? An SPF moisturizer, oil mattifier, (skip the mattifier if you do not have an oily skin) foundation primer, a little foundation and then powder. Finish up with your lipstick/gloss, eyeliners etc. Don’t forget to use your brushes to reapply powder on areas of your face you may have touched with your fingers while doing your brows, eyes and lips.

Some foundation primers (like the Mary Kay foundation primer) have SPF 15. With primers like N°7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base, you do not need to use an oil mattifier because it mattifies and primes at the same time. In essence, take a good look at your products before use so that you don’t use products you do not really need.

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